`No way of wrapping it pretty or pretending otherwise: Rafa was dying. I start pacing in my room thinking about what I could do but I knew there was nothing I could. I am not a doctor my brothers dying and I cant do nothing about it. I look around my room and see all […]

I believe that Macbeth is not a tragic hero I think that he is just a butcher I think this because of the following reasons firstly Macbeth is supposed to be a strong noble warrior and was  meant protect his king and his country but once he met the witches  and they told him about […]

Dear diary I’ve finally done it the assassins have been sent to kill my old friend Banquo but know I’ve done I kind of really regret lying and send the murders to kill him because the only reason I did it is to keep my crown because I thought he might have told everyone that I actually killed […]

Dear friend You just missed the battle of the decade and there probably isn’t going to be a battle like this in a century. So let me tell you what actually happened firstly let me just say there was a lot of deaths and even more injuries so the infirmary was totally full the doctors […]

Dear friend To stage the beginning of Mac Beth is I would start with how the witches speak so the way they would speak is firstly they would have a normal soft kind of voice like a normal person and then after they while there saying there lines and through the middle they make a […]

As the sun rises from behind the earth, I saw the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. It was like I was in heaven but don’t worry I’m not dead well not yet anyway.It was a cold freezing summer, weird isn’t  it summer and its really cold but this wasn’t         […]

My first story is called mighty med the first main part of the story is that 2 children called Oliver and Kaz go to a hospital because one of them has a splinter so while they’re there they see a person who looks like a person from there comics go in to a closet and […]